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AFPC membership is available to organizations engaged in analytical chemistry associated with mining and processing of fertilizer and phosphate products. Membership fee for the first year is $250 plus $150 application fee.  Each year following your initial year of joining AFPC is $250 of which you will be invoiced annually. Members are required to host one luncheon meeting approximately every three years.  A schedule for the host’s dates can be found on our web site.  Please complete the following:


Company Name:


Company Address:


Company Phone number:


Primary Voter:



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Type of business:


Reason for seeking membership: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                        ___


Please provide contact information for each voting member including email address.


Submit application by mailing to PO Box 1645, Bartow, FL 33831. This application will be presented to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting for approval by the association.  You will be notified upon acceptance of the application with information on submitting your membership payment and details of upcoming meetings.

Download application in Word by clicking on the following linL:  Application


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