Dennis Sebastian 2014 Hero of the Industry Nominee


Born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1946.

Graduated LaSalle College, B.A. in Chemistry, 1968.

Worked at U.S. Naval Ordnance Station, 1968 – end of 1974.   Worked on solid rocket propellant thermodynamic calculations, calorimetry, Quality Control analysis and documentation development.   Came away with all body parts from a plant where a loud whump and shaking windows meant they were probably hiring the next day.

Not wishing to push his luck the nominee decided to try grad school in 1974.

Graduated South Dakota State University, M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, 1977.

Our nominee sent out 3 applications in May and June of 1977, one of which was to Agrico Chemical Co.   Wound up at the South Pierce Chemical Works working in technical development with Ken Parks, another Hero Nominee.  Ken’s group worked on pilot plant evaluation of calcined North Carolina phosphate rock, billed as the future of Agrico.  The folks at PCS Aurora now own the reserves and guess what, there’s no more Agrico. 

Prior to the sale of those reserves, he moved to the Chief Chemist positon for Agrico Minerals.  From there thru a series of consolidations, synergies, mergers, buy outs, and a dozen or so management flavors of the month he worked for six iterations of the company, winding up as Laboratories Manager for IMC.

He did a stint in Six Sigma and more development work and “retired” with the big Mosaic cut back in 2006.

He has been twice President of AFPC and resumed AFPC activities after un-retiring and working at Process Water Solutions and Thornton Labs

He has always found the AFPC to be a valuable resource and is glad to be able to help with the web-site.