The Association of Fertilizer and Phosphate Chemists has chosen a person who we believe has made a huge impact on the analytical methodologies in the fertilizer industry to be our Hero of the Industry.


This person has diligently pursued the national and international standardization of methods for fertilizer products through his active participation in several organizations and committees.


Our hero is very involved in many organizations and committees which he uses to promote standardized testing and good analytical techniques throughout the fertilizer industry. He is a past chair of the Association of Analytical Chemists Official Methods board and is currently the chair of the AOAC Fertilizer Community within the Agricultural Materials Community.


He is also very involved in the American Chemical Society and is the past chair of the Fertilizer and Soils division.


He has organized and chaired numerous symposia for both the AOAC and the ACS and was instrumental in the development of the Metals forum which submitted a standardized method for trace metal analysis of fertilizers to the AOAC.


He serves on the Board of Directors for the Fertilizer Industry Round Table. And is the industry liaison for the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials serving on 9 committees including: slow release products, the Magruder check sample, laboratory services, information and education, environmental affairs, nutrient management, by-products and recycled materials, industry regulatory council, labeling and terms as well as long range planning.


His services to the Fertilizer Institute include serving as a past chair on the Product Quality and Technology Committee, the EHS committee and the Advanced Fertilizer and Nutrient Efficiency task forces.


He is currently the chair of the International Method Harmonization Work group for the International Fertilizer Association and is a member of their Special Products work group.


He is a past Secretary/Treasurer of the Association of Fertilizer and Phosphate Chemists and is a member of the Florida Fertilizer and Agrochemical Association.


He serves on the University of Florida graduate student review committee in the Ag-soil and water science department.


He authored and edited and ACS Symposium Series book entitled “Environmental Impacts of Fertilizer on Soil and Water.” And is a co-inventor and named on several patents for fertilizer production and manufacturing processes.


He is currently employed by the Mosaic Fertilizer Company and serves as a Product Stewardship Specialist. In this role he is responsible for the registration and labeling of all Mosaic products and monitors product quality while working closely with customers of the Mosaic Company.


With all this being said and done… I am proud to present the Association of Fertilizer and Phosphate Chemists, Hero of the Industry award to William (Bill) Hall of the Mosaic Fertilizer Company.